E-Tutor 美国在线教育平台

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E-Tutor 美国在线教育平台
美国E-Tutor在线网络学校是有美国Dr. Martha Angulo's博士创办的针对青少年学生在线学习的教育平台网站,提供K-12全部课程,适合世界各地的学生使用。
eTutor Virtual Learning is an online school providing an in-depth curriculum to students in grades K-12 anywhere in the world. Access to the program is through subscription. Subscribers become part of an online learning community held in high regard by some of the nation鈥檚 best educators.
Ideal for homeschoolers, international students, student athletes and performers, health-impaired, gifted-talented students and those who want to increase or refresh their educational skills, eTutor provides lesson modules in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Subscribers have the option of working at the level of their choice.
eTutor effectively promotes student learning and can increase student knowledge in specific subjects and topics through targeted components detailed in each lesson module. It aids in increasing basic academic skills such as reading, spelling, history, science and mathematics and assists in the process of evaluating and synthesizing information. Included in the nine part lesson modules are a study guide, lesson problem, activities, extended learning, resources, vocabulary and self-correcting quizzes and exams.

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